Finding Sweetness in Uncertainty

Yesterday morning I went to sit with the Blue Ridge Mountains to watch the sunrise. I took this photograph while I sat in the grass & reflected on the current state of our reality. A month ago I was hardly bothered, I stayed centered, positive & hopeful. In the last couple weeks I’ve felt the weight of the collective suffering, worry and anxiety start to weigh me down. As a meme I just read put it… ‘I am not feeling automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh… AT ALL.”

Projects my team & I have been pouring our sweat and blood into for months… we had to postpone. That hurt. People are anxious and suffering on a multitude of levels. It’s hard to hold space & healing for everyone. Things that seemed plentiful & accessible are now far and few between. It’s frustrating not to being as self-sufficient as I could be. Gatherings our wild hearts look forward to in the summers, cancelled. It’s hard to imagine no festivals to dance the night away at for a while.

I am reminded that my state of mind is a choice. Do I choose to dwell in the challenges and participate in despair? Or do I find the silver lining in this? As I reflected this past weekend my intuition pushes me to LEARN LEARN LEARN during this time.

I am choosing to make the most of the space and time I have been given to shift these hardships. I was gifted a camera from a beautiful soul. Now I have time to fulfill a long time goal of learning photography and intertwining it with my love of nature to share with others. 

I am choosing to learn and step into more confidence as a plant medicine healer to serve my family, my friends, and the different pockets of communities I am a part of. I am choosing to learn to become more self-sufficient in my own life, so that I can always rely on the abundance and wisdom of Earth to provide medicine, food and wellness. I enrolled in an intensive herbalism program, class starts next week for the next 6 months.

I’ve been inspired by many to take this time to dive into the stillness, slow down and go inward, learn, and nourish the creative parts of me that have been so hungry for something deeper, something sweeter.

The sweetness of writing.

The sweetness of learning a new art forms.

The sweetness of studying.

The sweetness of sharing music and healing with friends.

The sweetness of driving through the rural farm towns and through the windy mountain roads, appreciating other ways of living.

The sweetness of finding creative ways to connect with loved ones.

 The sweetness of rolling in the grass with my cat.

The sweetness of observing the busy bees buzz and pollinate.

The sweetness of learning how to make and preserve my own foods.

The sweetness of caring for my body physically, energetically, mentally and spiritually.

The sweetness of watching the Earth literally spring back into life, one flower at a time.

The trees leafing out gradually day by day.

My, has it been sweet.

Thank you.

I continue to pray for the state of our Earth and humankind. While I do not wish for things to return to ‘normal’ or pick up where we left off, I do pray for us to pick-up in a way much stronger, sustainable, and inspired way than when this began. I pray that we take note of how Mama Earth strengthened in our absence.


bee well,

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All photography is by me and belongs to me, please credit if any images are used. ♥


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Author: Nicolina Ruiz

Nicolina is the founder and Creative Designer behind Alchemista Creative Studio. She's a Yoga Teacher, an Herbalist, Reiki Healer and ecstatic wanderer. She is a believer in working and creating with your hands whether it be in the dirt, through your music or through creative mediums.

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